Preparing for a busy weekend

It’s been a busy week so I haven’t gotten a chance to post.  We are preparing for an even busier weekend.   There is an African Arts Festival I want to attend and we have two graduation parties —oh and it’s Memorial Day weekend.  At least we get an extra day off.

Highlights from this week:

I snapped on my professor because he is rude and arrogant.  Then I left class early.  I couldn’t take it (I’m working on it)

One of our vehicles overheated on the drive home.  Apparently Chevy products have an ongoing issue with the radiator elbow fitting cracking.  In our case, ours was completely gone.

Celebrated Red Nose Day!

Oh man….the drama of my life.  On Thursday night the girls had a 8pm softball game.  You wouldn’t think a 12-year-old girls game would be so intense but it was.  To make a long story short, a girl from the other team tried to fight Jada after the game as she walked to the car with myself, Don and the rest of our team.  There was a slight dispute during the game but nothing so serious that it would warrant a fight afterwards. It took me out of character for a bit but the situation was quickly rectified.  It got me to thinking though.  The kids these days are way too sensitive.  They are so used to getting everything their way that they can’t handle small things like losing a softball game.  Even if we can give our kids everything they want, we shouldn’t.  We need to prepare them for the real world.  They will face a lot of rejection; whether its being turned down for the promotion you want or something as simple as being rejected by someone you’re interested in.  It’s sad that a child would be that upset after a loss that they are willing to approach a large group of people alone.  That is a recipe for disaster.  This poor child will have a hard time as an adult.  Later that night, Don and I just kept looking at each other and saying “WOW”– did that really just happen.    We’ve had some similar experiences with Jordan’s teams in the past.   If your child is involved in competitive sports then you’ve probably experienced this before.  I could go on and on but I’ll just say….it’s terrible for the kids to see.

Learning lessons this week for our children:

If possible, remove yourself from uncomfortable situations before getting too upset

Give back, there are children out here that don’t have food to eat everyday

Learning to lose is just as important as learning to win



3 thoughts on “Preparing for a busy weekend

  1. Totally agree with your parenting tip about not giving kids everything they want, even when you can. Spoiled kids have a much tougher time when they’ve built up the expectation of having their way, and create hell for family, friends, and intimate partners later on. Or… So I believe.

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      1. Yes, it’s hard to say no, I don’t doubt. I don’t have kids, but I know how it gets even with our pets, much less living breathing humans. You’re welcome!

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