What’s on your list of things to do this month?  Check out some of our go to activities when we hang out on the weekends.

Grant’s Farm – Grant’s Farm is a great option for animal interactions.  This is one we visit often.  The visit starts with a tram tour through the 281-acre ancestral home of the Busch family.  The tram drops you off in the main area of the farm. They offer activities such as camel rides, goat feedings, and animal shows. Guest 21 and older can enjoy a complimentary sample of an Anheuser Busch product. There is no fee to enter the farm but there is a $12 fee to park.


Six Flags St. Louis – Our kids love Six Flags! This year we purchased them season passes for Christmas.  Well, we didn’t have to pay for them at the time but we owned them.  Six Flags has what they call a buy now, pay later offer.  You can get them early and they will charge your card in early March (most people have their taxes by then). There is also an option to make installment payments.  Check out their website for more details.


Busch Stadium –  We love going to watch our St. Louis Cardinals!  We come across discounted tickets all the time.  We also have people that know we love to attend and will offer us their tickets.  You can also donate to your local Goodwill and receive a discount coupon towards the purchase of a ticket.  The discounts are pretty nice.  The St. Louis Cardinals offer lower price tickets for games against less popular teams and games during the week.

20150817_191248 (1)

Skyview Drive in or a local movie theatre – During the winter months we enjoy visiting our local movie theatres.  We usually get up early so we enjoy the discounted movies with less of a crowd.  The warmer months allow us to visit the drive in theatre located in Belleville, Illinois.  It’s about a 45 minute drive for St. Louis County.  Groupon frequently offers discount tickets for Skyview Drive in.


Eckert’s Farm – Belleville – Eckert’s offers a variety of pick your own crop options.  We’ve picked peaches, apples,  pumpkins, and even cut down our own Christmas tree.  We’ve made a lot of good memories at Eckert’s Farm.


St. Louis Zoo – Don is an animal lover so we visit the zoo often.  Confession: My kids have never rode the train.



The Loop – The Loop is our go to spot for trying new restaurants and having our favorite dessert, Froyo.  Fitz is another spot we frequent in the Loop.  It was named the Best Kid Friendly restaurant in St. Louis by the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.


Local Park – We love heading to the park to hit around baseballs and play catch.  The kids are old enough now that they don’t drop every other ball thrown at them.  It makes for a really good time. Don and Erica are secretly living out their childhood dreams. They both played either baseball or softball as kids.



  1. I guess its time to take Sean to Six Flags. He’s never been. He likes to ride, so I was waiting until he was tall enough to ride the fun rides. Would you believe I’ve never been to Eckerts? Guess I need to add that to my list of things to do before he gets too old.

    We like the drive in too.

    Good post. Thanks for sharing.



    1. I think it’s best to wait until they are old enough to enjoy. No point in wasting money. Sean is at a good age and he’s big enough to ride most rides. You guys would also love Eckert’s no matter what time of year you choose.


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