Mood Music

What’s on Don’s mind…

I love all types of music; R & B, hip hop, pop, old school, and a very small portion of this new music.  I prefer mostly hip hop but lately I have been enjoying a lot of the older R&B.  The one thing I’ve noticed is that each genre of music sort of puts you in a different mood. Hip-Hop tends to hype me up a little, while pop music makes me want to sing out loud with my kids.   When it comes to R&B, especially the old stuff, it really puts me in a loving mood.  A little Luther Vandross has me ready to pamper my lady and treat her like the queen I know she is.  So what I am basically saying is, music has the ability to drive our mood one way or the other.  The older I get the more I desire the music that leaves me in a romantic mood.  So fellas if you want to make tonight all about your lady, listen to some Marvin Gaye as you prepare for the evening. It is guaranteed to get your mind right and your lady will greatly appreciate the atmosphere and mood that R&B music brings.


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