I Love Thrifting!

Lately I have been very busy with school and building our blog site.  I usually thrift two or three times a week but I hadn’t gone in a month or so. Thursday I decided to make a quick visit on my lunch.  I go in looking for the new items from Target and Kohl’s. Most Goodwills get their Target donations on Thursdays. I must have gone too late in the day, I didn’t find much at all.

I did however run across this beauty…A VICTORIA’s SECRET UMBRELLA with the tag on it.



It retails for $68. For an umbrella????


As you can see, I only paid $4


It’s the 2012 Limited Edition Victoria’s Secret umbrella. This could be why it has been donated to the Goodwill. I really don’t care what year my umbrella was made. I just need something to keep me dry. Thank you to all the people that actually care. It helps me save on items I could use but not necessarily looking to purchase right now.




2 thoughts on “I Love Thrifting!

  1. You recently read my blog about Rochelle, so I read yours and picked this entry because I have been thrifting for 40 years!! Goodwill is my favorite and one in particular. I look for vintage ethnic clothes and older Mexican folk art, which I collect. But yesterday I found a Waterford wine goblet for $1.99 plus a handmade in San Antonio, Texas guayabera shirt in white linen by Dos Carolinas for $6.99. I had once bought a new one for a boyfriend about 15 years ago for about $100. I was in retail for 40 years so hate to pay full price for anything. Plus, it is very fun to go thrifting. Good to teach the children too.

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    1. It’s always wonderful finding things you know cost a lot for almost nothing. I’ve been thrifting for about 7 years now. I bring my girls along sometimes and they love it too. It’s not about how much you pay for it, it’s about how good it makes you feel.


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