The weekend is almost over!!!

This weekend started off a little slow for us.  We didn’t plan much for Saturday.  We ended up stopping by a few stores with the kiddos then grabbed some Wendy’s on the way in. The kids decided to have a photo shoot while there.  Check them out!

Sunday was a bit busier for us.  Don and I will be leaving for vacation later this week.  We wanted to have a fun day with the kids before our trip.  We headed out early to the movies.  I am a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles fan.  I had to see the movie opening weekend.  The movie taught the kids a very important lesson.  Never change yourself in order to be accepted by others.  I really enjoyed the movie and so did everybody else!!!

After the movies we headed to Collinsville, Illinois.  Don had a school project he had to complete. He needed to visit Cahokia Mounds and write a 4 page paper on the experience.  I remember going on a field trip as a child but no one else had been before.  Conquering the largest mound was first on our agenda.  We climbed what seemed to be 100’s of steps.  It was a beautiful view at the top.  We headed to the indoor area to view the exhibits.  Don shared some stories he learned from class with the kids that related to what they saw in the museum.  It was another educational opportunity for our kids.  We walked around for about a hour, made our donation and left.  

Our last stop was Golden Corral in Collinsville.  The kids have been dying to get to this place.  Don and I are not big fans of buffet style restaurants.  The kids however feel they can eat as much food as they would like.  They convince us to take them once or twice a year.  Don and I can’t take much more than that.  Here they are all happy and full.


Another fun and educational weekend in the books.  


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