Am I a Bad Parent?

Anyone raising children nowadays knows that it is not easy.  Not only do you have to worry about your own children, you have to worry about other children too.  Children that aren’t being properly parented at home bring their issues to school and the teachers and other students have to deal with it.  So, I ask “Am I a bad parent because I tell my kids to fight back?”  All schools teach children to inform an adult if someone hits them. I agree they should tell an adult but only after they have reciprocated the action done to them.  I tell my children this for two reasons, one is to prevent that child from assuming they can hit them whenever they feel like it.  If they know they will be harmed as well then they will think twice about hitting someone.  Children prey on those they deem to be weak because there will be less consequences for their actions.  The second reason I teach my children to hit back is because others are watching.  Children that don’t stand up for themselves tend to get picked on even more simply because they are an easy target.  My kids have witnessed this firsthand at school.  Everyone picks on the one kid they know won’t fight back. My family hasn’t experienced much of this.  Jordan had one issue with a kid at his school.  Jordan was able to ignore the kid’s verbal attacks until the day it became physical.  He hasn’t had any issues with bullies since then.  It’s sad that we have to prep our children for situations such as this but that’s the times we live in. 

How do you advise your children to deal with bullies?  Do you tell your children to fight back?  

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