Our Denver Vacation

Don and I decided that this year for vacation we would select a city we hadn’t been to before.  We’ve really enjoyed our trips to the Smoky Mountains so we figured we’d head west to the Rockies.  I was a little nervous about this trip because it would be our first time using Uber to get around.  We opted not to rent a car because we wanted this to be a more relaxing trip.  We are constantly on the go when we have a car.  I was also nervous about using Uber so early in the morning.  Our flight departed at 5:35am which meant we needed someone around 3:30am. 

Thursday, Day 1

We successfully Uber’d to the airport and from the airport in Denver.  It actually went pretty smooth.

We arrived at Sheraton Downtown Denver about 8:15am


We couldn’t check in so we headed for breakfast at Delectable Egg

Here we are getting chocolate pedicures.  I won’t mention their name because overall the job was just ok.


Our room was ready shortly afterwards so we headed back to the hotel.  The nice gentleman at the front desk upgraded us to have access to the Club Lounge.  We always manage to get freebies.  The club lounge offers continental breakfast, hors d’oeuvres and drinks all day, and an evening happy hour.  Here’s the view from our hotel room.  We paid extra for a mountain view but it’s more buildings than mountains.  The hotel was still really nice.


We relaxed a little and headed out to sightsee


Afterwards we stopped for pizza at Anthony’s Pizza and Pasta, it didn’t look the best (meaning it lacked lots of cheese) but it was very good.


We attempted to enjoy the pool but it was extremely crowded.  We relaxed in the room the rest of the night.  Day 1 was a success

Friday, Day 2

We enjoyed breakfast in the Club Lounge.  Afterwards we headed out for some shopping.  We aren’t big shoppers so we didn’t get much.

We stopped for lunch at Lime an American Cantina.  Their drinks were delicious.



We headed back to the hotel and took a nap, something we rarely get to do.  Later we headed to the Club Lounge for hors d’oeuvres and to enjoy Game 4 of the NBA Finals. 

Later that evening we headed out to locate a bar.  We stopped at Back East Bar and Grill.  We ate and enjoyed a beer. 


We caught the free 16th Street bus back to the hotel.  We discovered it dropped us off right at our hotel door.  It couldn’t get much better than that. 

We relaxed the rest of the night and enjoyed our beautiful view of downtown Denver. 

Saturday, Day 3

We slept in but were up early enough to have breakfast in the Club Lounge.  We tried the pool again but this time it was even more people.  Apparently guests at the hotel were having pool parties and their outside guests had taken over the pool area.  We headed back down 16th Street to Lime an American Cantina.  The drinks were so good that we went back for more.


This day was very relaxing.  We spent most the day in our hotel room. We ordered room service later that night and to bed we went.

Sunday, Day 4

We slept in again on Sunday and bypassed the free breakfast in the Club Lounge.

We knew this was our last day in Denver so we really wanted to make the best of it.  Our first stop was a souvenir shop to pick up souvenirs for a few family members.  There were plenty of shops up and down 16th Street.  Coyote Ugly offered a midday happy hour so we stopped in for one drink.  I flew out of the place when the bartender tried to convince me to get up on the bar.  No thank you.

We stopped by the pool on the way back to our hotel room.  Everyone apparently checked out Sunday morning so the pool was empty.  We changed into our swim wear and enjoyed some time at the pool. 

Afterwards, we did a little more sightseeing. There was a huge festival nearby so we headed that way.  It turned out to be The Taste of Puerto Rico.  It was very crowded but we walked through and continued our sightseeing.  The Denver Art Museum was close by as well as the Colorado State Capitol


Later that evening, we headed back down 16th Street and located a spot called Jazz at Jack’s.  They had live music and no cover charge (we’re cheap).  Biff Gore from season 5 of The Voice was entertaining the crowd.  We enjoyed the music and one drink.


We knew our flight was pretty early so we headed back to pack up. 

Monday, Day 5

Our flight back was pretty smooth although we didn’t get to sit together.  I forgot to print out our boarding passes early the previous morning.  We pretty much boarded last.  Our only hiccup once we got back was Uber only offered ‘Uber Black’ from the airport which was more expensive.  We had to take a taxi home.  This wasn’t horrible except for the fact that we had a Groupon for Uber.

Here’s a few more pictures from our vacation

Pros and Cons from our trip to Denver


The weather was beautiful

Convenient to get around

Free upgrade to Club Lounge




The restaurant at the hotel was not easy to deal with

The pool was occupied by outsiders

The mountain view was more of a city view

No car meant no trips to the mountains




11 thoughts on “Our Denver Vacation

  1. Great Blog of your
    vacation… Denver is a nice get away… and to see the Mountains its a very calming sight!!!


  2. Overall, seems like you guys had a very nice time. I told Don next time to look up one of our cool Sales Partner that lives there and you guys would have had even more fun. Thanks for sharing.


    1. Thanks for reading. We really enjoyed ourselves. That cool sales partner could have come in handy. The only thing I wish we could have done was get closer to the mountains. I’m sure we’ll visit again. Thank you!!!


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