What is the Fammy Awards?

Twelve years ago, Don’s cousin Tracy approached him with a vision of starting an awards ceremony designed to acknowledge the accomplishments of family members.  The first year they gave out certificates and recognized everyone’s accomplishments.   The Fammy Awards went into hiatus for about 9 years.  It wasn’t until 2014 when Tracy and Don decided it was time to bring it back.  This time around they wanted to step it up just a bit by adding trophies.  They even added a few trophies that represented the heart and spirit of a few of their love ones who have passed away over the years.  These award ceremonies have also become their annual family reunion. 

On Saturday July 9, they hosted their 4th Annual Awards.  This year they allowed the youth to present a few of the trophies.  There was even a motivational speaker, Charisse Ingram, who spoke of the importance of spending time with family.  She also spoke on issues that occur in the black community and provided tips to the men in the family on how to be safe while interacting with police.  That was much appreciated.  With all the issues going on in the world and more prevalent right here in the United States, it is awesome to be able to get together with family and let them know how much you love them.  The time spent with family during and after the ceremony provided memories that will last forever. 

Each year our goal is to make the Fammy Awards bigger and better.  Don and Tracy want to bring in more family members to help with the planning process in hopes that the ceremony will continue to evolve.  They would love to eventually carry the ceremony out of state.  They have family members in other states that would love an opportunity to get them all in their city.   So to all the family members that reads this blog, whether you were able to make it or not, know that we love you and hope to see you all next year. Family first and all else will fall in line.  Here are a few of the awards we gave out at this years ceremony.  

P.S. We could use a photographer too because we realize we don’t have any pictures from the actual ceremony….LOL!!!

This selfie was taken after the awards ceremony last year. This is one of Don’s favorite selfies.


Do yall see me in the back throwin’ up the deuces?  This was a fun day! We are looking forward to next year!!!

A special “THANK YOU” goes out to Mockia Shelton, Frances Chatman, Richard Neal Sr, and our very willing presenters.  We appreciate you guys!!!

Don Johnson contributed to this blog post.



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