2016 Girls Softball Season

Thursday the girls closed out their 2016 softball season and I must say it was a pretty exciting one.  The girls ended with a record of 11 – 3, which indicates a pretty successful season.  The most exciting part about this year is there were so many girls eager to make a difference on the team.  The team took on a few new players this year and it was exciting to see them mesh with the other girls.  Each game they proved, that despite other teams being slightly bigger, they were up for the challenge.  After each game a team ball was given.  It was given to the girl who stepped up and made a difference during the game.  This does wonders for their confidence and encourages them to play hard every game.  This team has a great group of parents who are supportive and eager to win as well.  This is important in a team environment because it ensures that the girls are pushing for one another.   Jada and Jurnee have developed lasting friendships with many of the girls and it allows them to have a diverse group of friends.  We are two of four African Americans on the team and they don’t treat my girls any different.  In a time where racism is running rampant, it is nice to be around people who don’t see color.  It allows my girls to see the beauty of love without color being a factor.  This will hopefully teach them lessons that they will carry with them for the rest of their lives.  Great season Navy Seals!!! Next up ….. Soccer!


softball 4

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