Our Favorite Date Spots

We love spending time with our children but we enjoy date nights just as much.  It allows us quality time together to maintain a healthy and happy marriage.  We date often, sometimes twice a week.  Our children are older now so they have been hanging with their friends more.  We take advantage of the opportunity to enjoy our adult time together and we have some pretty nice go to spots.  We try different things all the time but there’s something about certain places that keep you going back.  Below is a list of our favorites date spots whether it’s day or night!  


Fountains on Locust

Fountains on LocustThe Fountains on Locust is the former Stutz Auto Showroom with classic American eats, specialty ice cream drinks & art deco murals.  We discovered this place through Groupon and we are so happy that we did.  The Fountain is the most photographed restaurant in St Louis, with a one-of-a-kind hand painted art deco interior.  They serve soups, made-from-scratch food, hand crafted cocktails, and  ice cream.  If you are looking to have french fries then this is NOT your spot.  There menu includes some non-traditional foods that you wouldn’t find at your standard American style restaurant.  The adult dessert beverages are an added bonus.


Benton Park

Benton Park Café This is one of our go to spots no matter what time of day.  They are open 24 hours on the weekends and the food is great.  This is a great place to stop after a night out on the town.



Panaroma at the St. Louis Art MuseumPanorama is a restaurant located inside the St. Louis Art Museum.  It is named after its sweeping views of Forest Park through floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking Art Hill.  After brunch you can browse around the art museum and enjoy the over 33,000 works of art.


forest park 1
Day time view in Forest Park
forest park
Night time view in Forest Park (it’s so much more beautiful in person).

Picnic in the ParkWe typically select Art Hill located behind the Grand Basin in Forest Park.  There is always plenty of room to throw out a blanket and enjoy the view.  Don’t forget to pack something light to eat.  We suggest some fruit and wine.  If you go on a clear night you can lay back and count the stars.  If it’s late, you may want to bring a can of OFF insect repellent.  It ain’t romantic if you’re fighting off mosquitos the entire time.  Can you tell I’m speaking from experience?!?


Montelle Winery

Montelle WineryWe can hardly wait until Spring before we venture out to Montelle Winery.  The views are spectacular as you sit on the outdoor patio area enjoying conversation, lunch, and of course WINE.  To avoid a crowd, we typically take a half day off work so we can enjoy a nice conversation without others being so close.  We’ve also done the Sunset Dinner there as well.  Check out my blog post (here) on that experience.


paint nite
Paint Night

Paint Night – We have done paint night on a few occasions.  I was pleasantly surprised at how much Don enjoyed it.  Most men think they are too macho to try activities such as this.  Luckily Don is very secure with who he is and is willing to try different things.  We’ve had a lot of fun and the people are always so nice.  I have to admit that I have been so wrapped up in the fun that I drank the paint water.  Just for the record….it is disgusting.  You will still have a great time and you don’t need any experience.   I recommend stopping for dinner either before or after to round out the date.  FYI, some of the locations serve food.  Here is a discount offer from Groupon.


hole in the wall
I’m still trying to remember what we were talking about!

Find a local hole in the wall – We have some of the best conversations over drinks.  You may hear us speak of frequenting hole in the walls.  To us, a hole in the wall is a spot where older less dramafied people hang out.  It usually has a jukebox and a few selections of alcoholic beverages.  Don’t bank on your favorite drink because they probably won’t have it that week.  Hole in the walls aren’t usually the most well kept places (hence the wires running down the wall on the picture above).  Our favorite hole in the wall is the Harlem Tap Room.  Don and I enjoy taking over the jukebox via the Touchtunes app.  The older folks are left wondering who the hell is playing this music.  We stay for about a hour or two enjoying the music we want to hear.  Sometimes we’ve been petty and played “Freaks of the Industry” on our way out the door.  We thought the old heads would enjoy that!  Afterwards we stop for a bite to eat and head home to our children.  Nowadays, if it’s just the two of us, we’re home by 10pm.


We hope that you will find something here that you haven’t tried before.  Let us know some of your favorite date spots.  We are always open to trying new things.


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