My New Obsession

Over the past few weeks, I’ve had this new found obsession with black and white; mainly pictures and art.  I’m not quite sure what triggered the new obsession but I’m loving it.  

Here are a few of my favorite black and white art and images over the past couple months.


I took this picture of my lovely family when we visited Chicago in early July.  I usually get some pretty awesome pictures of them.  

lake michigan - color

I wasn’t obsessed with this picture until I added the black and white filter…pretty awesome, I know!!!

lake michigan - black and white



A few weeks ago, Don and I stopped for brunch at one of our favorite date spots (See Our Favorite Date Spots here); Panaroma.  We also took the opportunity to browse around the Art Museum.  

Here’s some of my favorite black and white art from our visit…


Chuck Close – “Keith” 




I take tons of pictures… here are some I took with a little more color.







I haven’t always been the biggest fan of Art Museums.  I felt they were way too quiet for my liking.  I took a Concept of Visual Arts class last year and gained a new appreciation for art.  Now we visit a couple times a year.  

Do you enjoy visiting the Art Museum?  Is there a particular type of art you navigate towards?  

The Saint Louis Art Museum hosts Family Sunday every Sunday afternoon for hands-on activities and a lively 30-minute family tour through the Galleries.  IT’S FREE.






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