Chicago Recap

Sorry for the delay.  Life gets pretty busy at times.  Here’s a recap of our Labor Day Weekend in Chicago.


Our family traveled to Chicago Labor Day weekend for a family reunion.  We were excited to see family members that we haven’t seen in awhile.  Don’s mom and my parents accompanied us on this road trip.  We arrived in Chicago on Friday evening.  We had a sour experience with the staff at our hotel.  By the way, never stay at The Westin Yorktown in Chicago.  They have terrible customer service.  Anyhoo, our first night we ordered Giordano’s Pizza and enjoyed some time at the pool.


Our family picnic was scheduled for Saturday.  We arrived a little after noon.  We enjoyed spending time with family.  We didn’t enjoy all the nasty bugs.  Jurnee and I really don’t get along with bugs.

We returned to the hotel later that evening and the kids enjoyed more time at the pool. They wanted to record their underwater backflips with my phone.  My Samsung Galaxy S6 active is considered waterproof but I noticed the last few times, it has this weird blue screen that stays on for a while afterwards.  Then it seems to have a difficult time taking a charge for a few days.  They may not be putting my phone in water again.


Sunday morning there was a family brunch scheduled at Pearl’s Place.  We arrived a little late as we had to fully pack up because we wouldn’t return to the hotel.  We arrived and most people were already eating.  I was excited to see everyone again.  The food was delicious.  I highly recommend it.


Afterwards we headed down to Lake Michigan. We located a perfect spot for pictures.  We had the opportunity to re-create the black and white photo I took in early July when we visited.  This time it included me.  We finally had someone with us to capture all of us.  This is rare.  The day couldn’t have been more perfect.  It was a beautiful day.  A few of our family members showed up at the exact location.  We enjoyed more time together before we hit the highway.

Don with his mom, Frances
Erica with her parents, Michael and Patricia
Our re-created family photo

We arrived home Sunday evening just in time for Don to attend his fantasy football draft.  I enjoyed a well needed nap.  Monday, Labor Day, we had a few people over for a nice relaxing bbq.  Another chance to enjoy family.  There was even a Father/Son basketball game.  All I will say is our kids are getting much older and are in better shape.  I will not discuss who won to protect feelings.

Our basketball hoop had a rough Winter but still works just fine 🙂

It was a great weekend.

Family time is very important.  It brings you back to your foundation and helps you to create new memories that will last forever.  I love my family!!!





2 thoughts on “Chicago Recap

  1. I truly enjoy the journey I feel so apart of with your family. Your blog is special and much needed in a time where family seems to be more of a word and less of a community. Keep watering our seeds and watch us grow with you & the family. Blessings sister E. Love y’all always and FOREVER!!!😃


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