Our Visit to The Samuel Cupples House and Gallery

Last weekend, as a part of Don’s school project, we visited the Samuel Cupples House and Gallery located on the campus on Saint Louis University.  Don was tasked with visiting this location and capturing his experience.  Since we chose to visit Halloween weekend, we thought it would be funny to tell the kids it was haunted.  I was able to locate a few stories online but nothing that didn’t seem made up. 

We arrived around noon on Saturday.  We couldn’t find parking near the mansion so we parked a little distance away.  It was a beautiful day out so we didn’t mind the walk.  The place was massive and we were anxious to get inside despite the haunted rumors.  There was tons of old art, antiques, and stained glass windows.  It was quite an experience.  By the end of the tour, we determined it was an experience we only needed once. 

Please click this link below for more history on the Samuel Cupples House and Gallery


Here’s a glimpse of our visit….



Don on his field trip


The Samuel Cupples House and Gallery
We’re headed inside….






View from 3rd Floor



There is so much more to see inside this mansion.  These were just a few of our pictures.  By the way, all pictures were captured by ME! Erica…of course.  We hope you enjoyed coming along with us as we explored the Samuel Cupples House and Gallery.  Feel free to stop by and check it out yourself.  There are so many small gems around our city.  Thanks for reading.

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