She Believed She Could…So She Did!

Tonight is OFFICIALLY my last night of school.  I had two finals and a presentation left after graduation.  What a relief!

This is what relieved looks like

I started this journey in January of 2015 after two previous attempts to complete my bachelor’s degree.  My family life has always taken precedence over going back to school. Don and I have been blessed to have decent jobs/careers that pay the bills and allow us to enjoy life.  I wanted to focus on raising smart, productive children who will make a difference in this world.  That was and still is my life’s mission. 

In December 2014, Don decided to return to school to pursue a degree in Corporate Communications.  I was 100% behind him but wasn’t quite ready to commit myself.  At the very last minute I scrambled to write a college entry essay and gather all my transcripts.  I wanted to do it for my kids and Don’s return was just the push I needed.  God is so good to me.  He sent me the perfect husband and together we are a team.  This situation was no different.

I knew once I made the decision to return to school I would be fully committed meaning I was aiming for A’s.  That meant engulfing myself into each class no matter how stressful it would be.  The journey has been long and difficult at times.  If I would have done this solely for me, I probably would not have finished.  Thinking about my children helped me stay focused.  I was not going to let them see me fail.  I envisioned them at my graduation watching me walk across that stage.  I wanted them to watch me accomplish a big goal that I set out to achieve.  This way they know that anything is possible for them.  Our life is pretty busy and in the midst of it all I accomplished my goal.  I pray that they will remember this day and think about it when they want to give up on whatever it is they hope to achieve. 

I am proud to say that out of 27 total classes, I will have 26 A’s and 1 B.  I graduated from Lindenwood University with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration.  I received the highest honor, summa cum laude.  My children don’t quite understand the logistics of it but one day they will.  I am so proud of myself but I’m also happy that it is over.  Now I can continue to enjoy my life without homework and research papers.

Graduation Day!!!!!

Graduation Day turned out to be absolutely amazing for so many different reasons.  For one, I was finally graduating.  This happened to be my 3rd favorite moment of the entire day.  After graduation, we headed to Weber Grill for lunch.  My cousins, LaShaunda and Stephanie joined us (my 2nd best moment of the day).  They could have been doing anything else but they were there to celebrate me.  Stephanie lives in Kansas City and came all the way here for little ole me.  I’m so grateful.  After lunch I headed home to rest.  I anticipated heading out that evening for dinner and drinks.  To my surprise, Don had concocted a surprise graduation party (favorite moment of the day).  I am still in utter shock that he was able to pull one over on me.  I’m also surprised that no one slipped up and told me.  I cried/sobbed the biggest crocodile tears.  My heart was genuinely happy.  My cousins were there AGAIN….they hung out with me ALL day and I will never forget it.  It was great seeing everyone there.  Family and friends were there to celebrate ME. 

Thank you everyone for making my weekend a weekend that I will remember for the rest of my life. 

***Side Note*** I told my kids to say “OOOOOOOOUUUUUU” as I crossed the stage.  They didn’t…I guess the crowd scared them off…LOL.

**A very small side note** There will be people who you expect to support you, that won’t.  It is a reflection of THEM.  There will be people who you don’t expect to support, that will.  That is a reflection of YOU.  I only want people around me that are genuinely happy for me and this weekend that is exactly what happened. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!

Here are a few pictures from my day…

At the graduation…

Mom and Dad
Don with my friends Danielle and Jayme
My niecy poo Shamonie and my great nephew Caylenn
Don and my cousin Nikki
My cousin Lashaunda
My cousin Stephanie came in from Kansas City
I love this man

The group selfie…


Lunch after graduation…

Lunch with my family

The surprise party….





I wish I could have gotten more pictures but I was just so happy to see everyone there.  I don’t need pictures to remember this day!!!

Last but not least…..the picture I envisioned throughout this journey



2 thoughts on “She Believed She Could…So She Did!

  1. So happy to be a part of your wonderful day. Thank you for showing you can go back to school and make excellent grades. All the while being wife, mama and worker. That’s amazing and yes a Big deal. So proud of you.


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