Fun Snow Day Solutions

You can almost guarantee a snow day or two (or three or four) here in the Midwest.  You will want to prepare yourself to spend the day indoors with the kids and this list is exactly what you need.  Don’t wait until you’re annoyed and bored to find things to do.  Would you really want to do nothing all day and waste valuable time that can be enjoyed by the child as well as yourself?!?  Ok…don’t answer that.  I know doing nothing all day sounds great.  Anyway, below is a list of some fun snow day activities that can be enjoyed by all. 

Card games – Card games are always fun.  Be sure to find age appropriate games that will be enjoyed by most.  Uno is a great go to game when you’re playing with the kids.  There have been many versions created over the years.  Find the one you like and ENJOY!!!

Our games….missing a few

Family/Board games – Some of the old time favorites are Sorry, Pictionary, Monopoly, Family Feud and Trouble.  Confession:  My family does not do well with board games.  They are way too competitive.  Games like Connect 4 and Battleship work a little better for my kids because it’s one on one and less people they think can cheat them. 

Puzzles – Thank God for puzzles.  They are challenging and can occupy kids and adults for hours at a time.  Grab a puzzle and go at it.

Heads Up – This game is played using a smartphone.  Download Heads Up from the app store.  You simply select a category, hold it up to your forehead so that your family can see the word or phrase but you can’t.  They then try to get you to guess what the word or phrase is.   People are usually up from their seats and yelling in no time.  It’s pretty hilarious!!!

Movie Time – Find a family movie that everyone will enjoy.  If you’re anything like me, you will get in a nice nap before the movie ends.  Make it a kid friendly movie so the kids are engaged and don’t notice you sleeping….LOL.

Outdoor Fun – Snow Days don’t always mean stay indoors.  Our family takes full advantage of snow days.  We enjoy sledding at a nearby school that has a huge hill.  If we aren’t sledding we can make a mean snowman.  Be creative and have fun!!!

Arts and Crafts – Drawing, coloring, and sketching are all great ideas for snow days.  FYI – coloring isn’t just for kids.  Grab an adult coloring book and enjoy time with the kids.  Coloring is said to be very relaxing too.

Cooking Day – I have been teaching my kids to cook since they each were about 5 and able to help versus be in the way.  Trying a new recipe is another great way to enjoy your snow day.  Kill two birds with one stone; teach the kids to cook and enjoy a great meal together.

Our kids will not be kids forever.  Enjoy the time with THEM while they still have time for YOU.  If you keep life interesting for them they won’t desire to run the streets with their friends.  These activities can be enjoyed on rainy days or any other day for that matter.  FAMILY FIRST and everything else will fall in place. 



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