Our “Iced Out” Weekend

This weekend meteorologist predicted one of the worst ice storms in years.  We prepared by stocking up on food and ALCOHOL.  If you know my kids then you would understand why the alcohol was just as important as the food.  My weekend started early with my job closing on Friday.  This is unheard of but a much appreciated paid day off.  We received sleet and freezing rain but nothing close to what was predicted.  However it was enough to create a fine layer of ice on the roads that kept us in.  We used our snow day solutions post (here) to ensure boredom wouldn’t take over  We are not home bodies at all. Board games were first on the list, Monopoly to be exact. As predicted, it ended with someone pissed and quitting the game. These kids work my nerves.  They cannot lose without making a huge deal of it.  Later that evening, Don and I enjoyed a game of gin rummy and a cocktail.  It’s always more peaceful when we don’t include the kids.


This weekend I also had my first Facebook argument that I won’t go into detail about. Let’s just say there are some things I’m passionate about and racism is one of them despite the race of the person dishing it out.  See….this is what happens when you don’t have anything to do.  You find yourself addressing opinions or perspectives you typically would be too busy to address.  We knew we wouldn’t survive an entire weekend in the house.


Saturday morning Don suggested we get out even if it was just a few minutes.  We had no plans and ended up going furniture window shopping.  We like Carol House furniture minus their pushy salespeople following us around.  I made it clear to Don that I was not for them following us around.  He handled it with no problem, telling them we would come get them if we found something we liked.  Much to my surprise it worked.  Don and the kids located a couple Foosball tables and went into typical competitive mode.  They had a Foosball tournament right there in the store.  After a half hour or so, we left the store.  Of course the kids had to argue about who did what in Foosball.  I shut that down real quick.  I just did not want to hear it.  Don stopped by Froyo despite the frozen temperatures.  No one was upset about it.  We headed in after a few more stops.


Later that evening the kids decided they would have a water fight in my house.  I couldn’t believe it.  They are officially crazy.


On Sunday we were up early to catch a movie.  Hidden Figure was on our list.  This was a movie about three brilliant black women working for NASA.  It was amazing.  I highly recommend this movie.  After the movie we headed home to enjoy some playoff football.  Don decided to go to a friend’s house and the kids and I relaxed.  Sunday was a pretty awesome day and I had one more day to look forward to.  This was the first year my employee acknowledge MLK Day and allowed us to be off work.  Miracles do happen.

Monday was pretty relaxing.  Don headed off to work at his typical time.  Surprisingly I slept in to about 12:30pm.  I don’t get to enjoy extended naps like that anymore. Jurnee decided at the last-minute she wanted her hair braided.  I was annoyed but anytime Jurnee wants her hair done, I jump on it.  She is the most tender headed child I know.  The kids and I went to visit my mom so I decided to start on Jurnee’s hair while I was there.  We stayed for a few hours and headed home.  I prepared dinner and dived back into Jurnee’s hair.  I watched some basketball while Don finished up his homework.  This was a pretty good weekend overall.


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