Our Love Story

We would consider our love story a bit unconventional. 


It was December 17, 2001, I walked into a training class at SBC.  Everyone in the class seemed excited.  I know I was.  We were finally starting a job that most of us were promised three months prior.  Right before the planes flew into the World Trade Centers on September 11th.  That day changed the course of history.  SBC froze all hiring and most of us were left waiting – hoping our hire day would finally come.  The day had arrived.  This guy walked in with braids to the back with a big grin on his face.  That guy was Don.  He located a seat at the opposite corner of the room.  I quickly noticed he was going to be the goofball in our class.  He wasted no time finding others to talk to and they were just a chatting away.  I sat there all alone looking all serious.  I am pretty serious especially when it comes to my job.  A girl I knew from high school named Ranisha walked in.  I felt much better.  There was someone there I knew.  After a few weeks of training, the class was divided into two groups.  Don and I ended up on the same team along with Ranisha.  Our boss was Sharon Beckton, I will never forget her.  She was great.  She didn’t play about us meeting our sales goals but she was also very down to earth.  Our team was full of all the cool people (let me tell it).  There was some serious competition on the team too.  We would compete to see who could sell the most “Works” packages.  Don only lasted a few months.  One day he would be pulled into the office about a situation that took place at work.  He resigned versus getting fired so that he would position himself to be eligible for rehire later.  He walked around to tell everyone goodbye.  You wouldn’t believe that people were actually crying.  In that short period of time he had made a serious impact on the lives of others.  He was always upbeat and making the rest of us laugh.  Everyone was truly hurt. 


Don and I kept in touch regularly often times hanging out with others who worked at SBC.  Our small group of friends had some great times together.  I would lose touch with Don.  He was working at Wells Fargo and life in general was pulling the entire group in different directions.  Months later, Don and Ranisha would meet up again at Sanford Brown.  Ranisha had gotten fired from SBC.  That girl was crazy and still is.   They found a new friend at Sanford Brown whose name happened to be Erica.  We all reconnected not long after they started school and you won’t believe I was jealous because they had a new friend named Erica.  I felt like she had replaced me.  Petty, I know. 

We would hang out for months mainly the three of us.  The other Erica disappeared.  Then eventually Ranisha went her separate way.  It was just Don and I.  He was always around harassing me and my friends and talking our heads off.  He has always been a talker.  We would hang out all the time.  He helped me move to my new apartment.  He would also be there to get my son, Jordan from my mom when I worked late so I wouldn’t have to be out late with a small child.  Don and Jordan would get pretty close.  He was truly a great friend and not one time did either of us think about a relationship. 

Don found himself at my apartment all the time eating, sleeping, and shitting.  We eventually agreed to become roommates instead of him going back and forth daily.  It was a two bedroom apartment and my son had his own room.  Don would sleep on the couch at first but would eventually transition to my bed because the couch was uncomfortable.  He never tried anything.  There were even times that we cuddled and nothing happened. 

Don started attending church regularly with his cousin Tracy.  I would visit sometimes.  The pastor would talk to us about shacking up and we were adamant about being just friends.  We really were as strange as it all sounds. 

It took me to mess things up and start getting feelings for him.  I hid them for a long time.  We would even go on vacation together.  We were really like a little family and I could see how people thought it was more to it.  I finally decided I would express my feelings.  Believe or not, Don rejected me.  He didn’t want to ruin the friendship.  Don was still what I considered a HOE.  He was at home a lot during the week but with his friends on the weekends doing God knows what.  He would stumble up into our apartment at all times of morning. There were times I would have guys over too.  Again, we were really just friends.  Don would eventually cave.  I mean how could he resist me?!?  He was now ready to try the relationship thing.  We were attending church together and our pastor was on Don about our relationship.  He wanted him to do right by me and Don assured him he would. 

We had been dating for a couple months.  Not much had changed about the relationship outside of him staying out all night.  We knew what we had was as real as it gets. Everything was going really well.  We were young and we both had very good jobs.  We were enjoying life together.  We attended bible study at our pastor’s home the Wednesday before Thanksgiving 2003.  There were about 5 to 6 people at bible study that night.  After bible study we were all standing around when all of a sudden Don gets down on one knee and proposed to me with a key ring.  Yes a dirty ole key ring. When I realized he was serious, I said yes.  I didn’t care about a ring.  I’ve never been the girl who wanted fancy diamonds and a big wedding.  I just wanted to be genuinely loved and he was doing just that.  In that moment, God spoke and he listened.  He didn’t care about the ring or the location.  All he cared about was his commitment to me.  How could you say no to that?!?


A month after he proposed, I found out I was pregnant.  We wasted no time.  Don worked for a mortgage company and helped customers get loans for homes all day.  After many discussions, we decided we wanted to purchase a home together.  We were tired of apartment living.  In April 2004, we moved into our home.  I would get my ring not long after moving into the house.  The ring was really nice too.  It was definitely worth the wait.  On August 2, 2004 our first daughter was born and on August 28, 2004 we married.  We had a small ceremony in the home of our pastor.  There were about 50 family and friends there to support us.  It was perfect. Daughter number two was born in December 2005.  Fast forward twelve years and we are still deeply in love.

You never know what God has planned for your life.  Many people block their blessings being more concerned with an expensive ring or a big wedding.  The only thing that matters is the love you share.  Our unconventional relationship now inspires others.  Many people don’t know our history nor do they care.  All they focus on is our love, OUR TRUE LOVE.

This song completely explains how I feel about Don.  It perfectly describes our relationship and if I want something, I play it…lol.  Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

Thanks for reading.

How did you meet that special someone?


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