Are my kids too old?

Yesterday I went shopping to purchase the essentials for preparing Easter baskets for my children. This was the first year I questioned if they were too old. They are 16, 12, and 11. The girls are still a good age but my son is old enough to feel like he’s too macho.  He has never said anything as a matter of fact he always seems to appreciate the things I do for him. I went for it but I added some bathing products, food items, and Gatorade to give it an older feel. …And who doesn’t like candy??? I also chose a sporty type basket of a sport they actually play. I told myself right there in the store that they are never too old to receive gifts we just have to adjust what we include in them. Honestly, I would love an Easter basket myself. I’m still working on putting the baskets together but they will have one again this year. They will never feel like their mother forgot about them. I may be a little extra but hey some people don’t do enough. I want to love on mine as long as I can. Especially when I enjoy doing it and they enjoy receiving it.

Now just because I convinced myself to get them, doesn’t mean they aren’t too old. What yall think???

I will post the baskets on our Instagram page. They aren’t the most sophisticated but they do the job. Make sure you’re following us.

Thanks for reading.

Have you cut certain things because you felt your kids were too old?



2 thoughts on “Are my kids too old?

  1. My 19 year called to see if I was doing baskets. The last few years I’ve done bags. I made 6 bags tonight. Yes the hubby wants his too.

    I talked to a lady in Walmart who was shopping for her grown kids.

    I guess that means they are never too old.

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