Fidget Spinners….The Latest Toy Craze.

One morning as I prepared for work I overheard the news reporter talk about fidget spinners.  Prior to then, I had heard very little about them.  The fidget spinner is a small toy with three sides that spins around.  It is the latest toy craze that manages to keep children occupied.  It is also said to help with focus and can be good for children with ADHD as well as autism.  A few days later my oldest daughter Jada, who is 12 years old talked about the toy and how she thought it wasn’t really that cool until one of her friends showed it to her.  Of course she wants one which also means my youngest will too.  I am on the hunt for them now.  So far I’ve tried Walmart, no luck.  Walgreens has them but the store I tried was sold out.  I am determined to locate them.  I’ve been told that the local malls have kiosks that sell them.  7 -11 and Five Below have them.  They can also be purchased on Amazon but I want my girls to have them now.  I think I am just as curious.  It looks like I will be spending my evening looking for fidget spinners.  I’ll keep you posted on my success via Instagram and Facebook.  Make sure you are following Watering Our Seeds on both.

Do you or your children own fidgets spinners?

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