10 Ways to Save for Family Vacations

We understand it is not always financially feasibile to take a family vacation.   The tips provided below can help provide the extra money needed to get away from the every day stresses of life.  Vacations are highly recommended and have known health benefits.  It also provides you the opportunity to reset and gain a greater appreciation for life.  We hope the tips below can assist you in taking your next family vacation.

  1. Many banks offer vacation savings accounts. These accounts allow you to set a savings goal and transfer a set amount from your standard account so you can reach your target. Try to avoid paying monthly fees if possible.
  1. Road trips are much cheaper than flying in most cases especially if you will be traveling within a few hours of home. Road trips also allow time to connect with family members without the distraction of other travelers. Here is a list of road trip games if you plan to take one.
  1. If flying is a must, mid-week travel is much cheaper. Tuesdays and Wednesdays provide the biggest discounts.  Saturdays also allow you to save money because most people want to be to their destination before the weekend so they can enjoy the weekend in its entirety. 
  1. If possible save all or part of your tax refund. This extra money can be applied directly to your vacation.  To ensure you don’t spend it before vacation arrives, plan your vacation earlier in the year.  It’s usually cheaper to vacation then because more people vacation in spring and summer.
  1. Start saving your pocket change. You’ll be surprised at how fast it can add up. You can also grab change in rolls from the bank each pay period to add to your existing change.  You are less likely to grab change for spending.
  1. Do you know anyone that works for a hotel or has a timeshare? Ask if they can offer you a discount through their friends programs. You just never know.
  1. Cut out unnecessary expenses throughout the year and apply that towards your vacation savings. Ex. Instead of visiting the nail salon bi-weekly, try monthly.  You can also cut out fast food and opt to cook more at home.
  1. I don’t recommend working multiple jobs because it takes away from family time. Maybe work a seasonal job and be sure to apply all of that income to your vacation savings.
  1. Have a garage sell. Pack up all your unwanted items around the house and sell them. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. 
  1. Plan ahead to get the best deals. The closer you wait to your vacation to book, the higher the fees may be. Car rentals and hotel fees tend to skyrocket when you book at the last minute.

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