Watering Our Seeds is One Year Old

Watering Our Seeds was officially launched one year ago today.  ♫♫♫♫ It’s Our Blogiversary♫♫♫♫  We survived and this year has been amazing for us.  We have come a long way but we have so much further to go.  We are excited for what lies ahead for Watering Our Seeds.  We hope that we have given you some insight that has helped you enjoy your life a tad bit more.  From family friendly fun, to date nights, to vacations; our goal is strictly to help others gain the information necessary to live life more abundantly.  Children was our focus when we started Watering Our Seeds and they are still our primary concentration.  However, we noticed that we have followers that don’t have children or their children are now adults so we have began to incorporate additional activities for those people as well.  Don and I also enjoy many activities without our children.  It is important for parents to spend time away from their children so adding adult friendly activities wasn’t a difficult decision for us.  Spending time away from your children helps one stay sane and gives you the opportunity to miss your children.  We pray that the direction for Watering Our Seeds continues to evolve and help as many people as possible.  

Our blog talks a lot about Fun and Funds which emcompasses all types of activities and ways to save money.  Be sure to follow us on Facebook where you will find weekly money saving Monday tips that can help you save up for fun activities.  We know that it is not always financially possible to participate in all the fun when you can’t afford it.  We hope that our financial tips will help you create the income necessary to enjoy some additional fun.  Please continue to share our blog with your family and friends.  We’ll close with our favorite quote…”Fill your life with experiences, not things.  Have stories to tell, not stuff to show.”  Thank you for reading.

Happy Living!!!

You can follow Watering Our Seeds on Facebook and Instragram, just search for us by name.


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