New Beginnings

Yay! Today I start my new job and I couldn’t be happier.  I’m fresh off vacation….feeling refreshed and ready to be challenged.  

I went back to school 2 ½ years ago because I wanted to pursue an analyst position and I also wanted to be a positive example for my children.  I had applied for several analyst positions but they all required some sort of bachelors degree.  For a while I convinced myself that I could do it without a degree but the issue was convincing someone else.  I was quite stubborn and it took me a while to even want to go back to school.  There is always more than one way to skin a cat right?  I didn’t want to commit to doing homework and papers, let alone take time away from my children.  I contemplated if I even needed to be an analyst, if it was worth my time.  Finally I made the decision to return to school.  I completed my degree in December of 2016.  I instantly began applying and nothing.  I couldn’t even get a call back.  I started doubting my abilities and if school was worth it.  For Lent, I made a few sacrifices and prayed on the direction I should go.  Deep down in my spirit I got my answer.  It was, “patience my child, in due time.”  It was clear, I would keep applying with no expectations.  Within a few months, I got a call back as a matter of fact I got several calls back.  I interviewed for a business analyst position.  I was declined but the feedback was great and the guy said he would consider me for other positions in the future.  I normally would be so frustrated and too stubborn to apply for anything else for a while.  That wasn’t the case this time.  I looked through the job site and saw he had another analyst position open.  I instantly applied.  In the meantime, I had an interview for another job but I felt like I was settling.  I came to work the following Friday only looking forward to the weekend ahead.  I got a call from the manager stating he wanted to interview me the following Monday for the other available position.   I agreed but later realized it was the holiday.  I contacted him to tell him I was still available to interview but politely reminded him it was the holiday.  He rescheduled for that Tuesday.  Later that day, his number came across my phone again.  I answered and he stated he wanted to interview me right then and there.  I hesitated and told him, I didn’t know if I was fully prepared.  He told me I was.  After a few quick questions, he offered me the job.  He said the only reason I didn’t get the other one was because he promoted someone within his department.  This was good news because you always want the opportunity to advance and make more money.  That is the main reason for working isn’t it?  I was shocked and excited because I woke up that morning with no expectations and by the end of the day, I had the analyst job.  You talk about happy.  That next Tuesday, I got a call for the other position I was pursuing but wasn’t sure about.  They wanted to interview me again.  I politely declined.  That felt so good.  I’ve come to realize in this life that my timing is not always the best timing.  I’m learning more and more to depend on what God has planned for me.  His timing was extra perfect this time especially since that student loan payment begins next month.  All I could say was…”LOOK AT GOD.”  When you commit to putting in the work needed to reach your goals, it will work out for you.  Ok….time to set a new goal.

Thanks for reading.

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