My Keto Journey – Day 100

Today marks my 100th day on the Ketogenic Diet.  This journey started Monday, March 5th the day after an accountability call with my friend Danielle.  She mentioned, along with many other valuable life tidbits, that a co-worker was doing this diet.  She talked about how much success the person experienced.  I also remember my cousins Georgia and Leta telling me about the diet months prior.  They both had very good results as well.  I figured it was worth a try.

I started strong and was even able to convince Don to do it with me.  Shocking, I know.  I had my first test two weeks into my new lifestyle.  We were going on Spring Break vacation to Dallas for a whole week.  I didn’t stress and told myself to stick to it as much as I could.  Honestly, I ate whatever I wanted but to my surprise I was super cautious about my carbs.  I was proud of myself. 

My first NSV (Non scale victory) occurred during this vacation. Long car rides typically have my ankles completely swollen by the time we arrive at our destination.  No ankle swelling at all.  Yay!

Our first weigh in was scheduled for the end of that month (March 31st).  I was so nervous because I had just come off vacation and I didn’t stick to the diet 100%.  Thankfully, I lost 14 lbs.  Don was down 18 lbs.  If that wasn’t the motivation I needed. 

Month 2, I was down another 9lbs and Don 7lbs.    Don decided that it was too much.  He was losing too much too fast.  I wish I had those problems.  He switched from Lazy Keto to Dirty Keto where he ensures that his carbs are below a certain number and the type of carbs do not matter.  He is still dropping weight.  We all know men lose much faster than women.

The month of May, I started back at the gym.  I only lost another 2lbs but I could have built muscle.  It also didn’t help that I had another week vacation. Despite this, I could look at myself and tell the fat was melting away.  I considered 2 lbs a stall and stalls are typical on Keto.

keto guide

For the month of June, I decided I wouldn’t weigh at all.  I didn’t want the pressure of the scale throwing me off.  I also switched from Strict Keto (counting fat, protein, and carbs) to Lazy Keto where I stay between 20 -30 net carbs a day.   I can tell the inches are still melting away.  I really hope the scale reflects it.  However, outside of the scale, I feel amazing.  My energy levels are up, I sleep better, and my skin looks amazing.  I don’t miss bread, pasta, or rice BUT I do miss POTATOES.  I’ll sneak a fry every now and again just to get my fix.  After a few month on the ketogenic diet, your body becomes fat adapted.  Meaning it uses fat for energy instead of carbohydrates.   Also the longer you’re on the diet the quicker it is to get your body back into ketosis after a cheat.  

I plan to use this diet as a guide for how I will eat for the rest of my life.  I’ve discovered that there are some things I really don’t have to have regularly.  Most times, we find ourselves eating those things just because they are there. 

On another note, I’m not one of those people that lose a little weight and think I can tell the next person something.  I would love to be a great source of information for Keto but I have so much to figure out STILL.  I would prefer to give people the resources I use and avoid giving out wrong information.

I am in multiple Keto groups on FB.  I’m there searching for the weight loss results of others to gauge myself, I’m also looking for tips on how to get past certain stages.  You can even find great recipes in case you get tired of eating the same thing.

So, as I Keto-ON, I will update you all periodically on my journey. As of now, I am officially down 25 lbs in a little over 3 months.  

I post my keto food on Snapchat if anyone is interested in seeing the types of food I eat.  You can find me on Snapchat at ‘allaboutejohn’.  Also please remember to subscribe to our blog and follow us on Facebook and Instagram.  Just search for Watering Our Seeds.


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