My KETO Must Haves

Today I would like to share some of my must haves on Keto. I know I previously said Keto is an easy diet but starting off can be challenging.  Just when you think you have the food down, here comes Keto flu. Keto flu is a “withdrawal from carbs” and a lack of certain nutrients. I am no Keto expert but I can tell you what has saved me on Keto. I recommend extensive research to ensure you are doing what’s best for you.

Nutrients Needs

Carbs provide your body with needed nutrients such as magnesium, potassium, and calcium. Keto is minimal carbs so these nutrients will need to be replaced.

250 mg of Magnesium each night

Grape Powerade Zero (potassium)

MCT Oil – 2 TBS. This helps to up your healthy fat intake.

I really should be taking a calcium supplement and/or a multivitamin wouldn’t be too bad either.

Fast Food Favorites

Jimmy John’s – any unwich. You can add avocado to help you up the much needed fat.

Qdoba – Burrito Bowl – no beans no rice. Any meat and load up on everything else especially cheese, guacamole, and sour cream.

Wing Stop – original hot and garlic parmesan with plenty of ranch. You should add a green veggie on the side but I usually don’t.

Pizza toppings – Yall know that is the best part of the pizza. Imagine eating just pizza crust-plain with no dipping sauce. Not that amazing sounding huh?!?

Restaurant substitutions

Bunless bacon cheeseburger with veggies. You will only want good quality ground beef when you do this. If not, trust me minus the bun you will taste just how cheap the meat is.

Loaded brocolli instead of loaded potatoes. Put the same stuff you put on your potatoes on your brocolli.

Other Keto Lifesavers

Heavy whipping cream (HWC) – this stuff has saved me a many times on this new lifestyle. Blend it, add a pack of stevia and some berries. So good. It’s a doable ice cream supplement.

Halo Ice Cream – The crazy Keto -ers will say this isn’t keto because of certain ingredients. I love ice cream which is why I stated the HWC option above was just doable. It’s ice cream but it’s still missing something.

Bacon – any diet that includes regular bacon is a WINNER.

Beef jerky – great snack when you’re out and about.

Well that’s it for now.  I will be sure to update the list here with new favorites I discover.

I also want to continue to share my keto journey with you all but I’m finding that I get more negative feedback than positive.  I have so many new found accountability partners that want to question every food I post that they think is non-keto.  There are different versions of keto and I go between them to trick my body.  It’s almost like they want to let you know that they know you cheated.  This will do nothing but add unnecessary stress to my life.  I will not sabotage myself in an attempt to share information and help others. Hopefully it doesn’t continue.

Thanks for reading.

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