Showered with Fun in April

The warm weather has arrived and so has the fun.  There are several events to choose from this month.  From festivities surrounding Opening Day for the Cardinals to local art fairs, there is something for everyone.  Grab the family and enjoy one if not all of these activities.  There are events both indoors and outdoors so … Continue reading Showered with Fun in April


Spring Break in Cleveland

Each year we select a place for the kids to enjoy their Spring Break.  This past Christmas, Jordan received tickets to see the Cleveland Cavaliers because his favorite player is Lebron James.  The girls and I would tag along knowing we would find some fun girly things to do.  Day 1 RELAX DAY We left … Continue reading Spring Break in Cleveland

Our Day at the St. Louis Science Center

Sunday morning we knew we had to get out and enjoy some time with the kids.  We attended the Charlie Wilson, Fantasia, and Johnny Gill concert on Friday night.  Saturday morning we were hung over from drinking before and after the concert.    We did our basic parental duties on Saturday but nothing the kids actually … Continue reading Our Day at the St. Louis Science Center