Meet Our Family




Meet Don…. Don has his Bachelors of Arts in Corporate Communications.  He is the owner of Johnson Family Workshop.  Don also teaches English to children in China. He loves the kids and loves spending time with his family.  He enjoys a healthy competition whether it’s an activity at the park with the kids, playing basketball with friends, fantasy football and basketball, or poker.


Meet Erica….Erica has been married to Don for 15 years.  She is pretty busy these days running  Johnson Family Workshop, her travel agency Escape with Erica, and teaching English to children in China.  Erica has a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration.  For fun, she enjoys planning family activities, thrifting, date nights, and traveling.


Meet Jordan….. Jordan is very laid back and a true sports guy.  Jordan recently graduated from high school with a certificate in auto collision.  He currently works for Honda and the Johnson Family Workshop.   Jordan enjoys hip hop music, cooking, and traveling. 


Meet Jada….. Jada is in high school.  She enjoys playing sports and hanging out with her friends.  Jada is a cheerleader and also plays softball, soccer, and volleyball.   She loves arts and crafts, traveling, and technology.  


Meet Jurnee…..Jurnee is a little fashionista and a human sponge.  She plays softball and soccer. She really hates bugs and cleaning. Jurnee enjoys school, arts and crafts, and traveling.

Meet Tyson….Tyson is a 10 year old Pit/Boxer mix.  He enjoys big hugs and belly rubs.  He can never get enough.  In his free time, he loves to chase down rabbits and squirrels in the back yard.