July Fun in St. Louis

The heat has officially arrived and so has more fun.  July brings rather hot and humid weather here in St. Louis.  Click here for a list of pools throughout the St. Louis area so your family can stay cool this summer.  This month's fun kicks off with 4th of July festivities.  This happens to be … Continue reading July Fun in St. Louis

March Funness

Yes I’m aware the title of this blog seems a bit awkward and grammatically incorrect but when it’s your blog you can do what you want.  It’s a play on March Madness but I’m sure you know that by now.  We are all about fun here at Watering Our Seeds.  We’ve combed the internet to … Continue reading March Funness

Our Day at the St. Louis Science Center

Sunday morning we knew we had to get out and enjoy some time with the kids.  We attended the Charlie Wilson, Fantasia, and Johnny Gill concert on Friday night.  Saturday morning we were hung over from drinking before and after the concert.    We did our basic parental duties on Saturday but nothing the kids actually … Continue reading Our Day at the St. Louis Science Center